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The Newell Foundation is undertaking concept planning for a site in Bassano with the intent of creating a multi-use Continuing Care Centre. The intent is to integrate independent living, supportive living, long term care, primary care and acute care into a fully functional design that supports a variety of community amenities. The integration of these resources will enhance the financial and building design efficiencies. It supports the vision for the Continuing Care Centre model and will set the stage as a demonstration project for the implementation of future rural Continuing Care Centre models.



The scope of work is to prepare a master concept plan and business case for the development of a Continuing Care Centre in the Town of Bassano. The proposed site which is owned by Alberta Health Services, is located on vacant lands directly north of the existing Bassano Health Centre. The intent of the master concept plan is to illustrate a comprehensive development that can be completed in phases as priorities and funding availability dictate. The concept plan is the first step of a potentially multi-stage undertaking. Subsequent stages would include facility design, detailed design and construction.

Life Lease Homes - FAQs

What is Life Lease?

Life Lease is an approach to developing and operating housing projects for residents 50 and over.  This is an option for those wanting to simplify living but maintain their sense of independence. Individuals purchase the right to occupy the home for the rest of their life, or as long as it is appropriate or safe.   The Life Lease home is a duplex unit – 1312 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining, living room, in-suite laundry, storage and attached garage.

Who Benefits From Life Lease?

Life Lease agreements benefits those who find their homes too much to manage; too large possibly with both the necessary interior and exterior maintenance being too much to manage.  Possibly, their home’s design is no longer suited to their present physical needs.  Life Lease homes offer security and peace of mind in knowing there is someone there to assist, and neighbours close and a sense of community.   Lastly, the Life Lease home provides the resident with the flexibility of a rental combined with the stability of a secure occupancy/residency.

How Does Life Lease Work?

Life Lease is tailored for residents from 50 years old onwards. The arrangement is the qualified resident purchases the Right to Occupy a housing unit. For interested parties, a Residential Tenancy Life Lease Agreement and Loan Agreement needs to be completed.  A $25,000 deposit will secure your unit, and the full purchase price balance owing will be scheduled with you during construction.

Once construction is complete, residents can then occupy the unit and will pay a monthly occupancy fee to cover the costs of maintenance, insurance and management.  Taxes will also be part of the monthly occupancy fee.

What Are The Benefits To Owning A Life Lease?

Less Expensive and Less Maintenance: because the Newell Foundation is a non-profit organization, residents pay both Life Lease purchase price and monthly occupancy fees at the lowest possible break-even price. The residents are worry-free from property management and building insurance.

Security of Tenure: not only does Life Lease provide the opportunity for capital investment, it also gives security to the residents, since right to occupancy in a Life Lease home have no specified termination date.

Are my personal belongings covered under the management’s insurance coverage?

All residents are responsible for insuring their personal possessions and for having liability insurance.

Do I receive my full investment back at termination of my residency?

An 8% administration fee will be deducted from your purchase price at termination of residency.

Do you allow pets?

Yes, we do, but there will be a 1% purchase price surcharge for having a pet.

Do you allow smoking?

Yes, we do, but there will be a 1% purchase price surcharge for smoking in your unit.

Can I transfer my Life Lease Home to my family?

You are not allowed to transfer your home to family.

Are appliances included in the price?

Yes, the Life Lease Home will be include 6 appliances; refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer.

Are the Life Lease Homes air conditioned?

All homes have air conditioning

Is there a damage deposit charged?

No damage deposit is charged at move in.

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